fertility counselling
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5 ways Fertility Counselling may be helpful

Fertility counselling can provide a safe space to discuss and explore issues which are often hard to discuss in public, often deeply emotional and can ...
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Telehealth in a rural setting
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Telehealth for trauma therapy – Is it effective and safe

There has been a worldwide increase in telehealth by psychologists since Covid-19 began.  There is considerable research into telehealth therapy, however when looking at telehealth ...
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Parenting Anger
Parenting skillsTrauma Therapy

Parenting Anger

Parenting anger is often a guilty secret, but it needs to be talked about.  The way in which we were parented impacts how we deal ...
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A grab from the Apple TV series The Me You Can’t See showing Prince Harry undergoing EMDR therapy. Photograph: Apple TV
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EMDR therapy for trauma, what is it?

What is EMDR therapy? Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR therapy) is a relatively new therapy.  However there are now thousands of studies and a ...
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